Tomato Pickle(500gms)

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“tomato with the crust of juiciness that could replace the regular main course dishes with its mashed tangy nature”
we seasoned it with mom’s love. sure, you would never back off.

pickledabba aim is to remind your homemade food right your place.


Tomato pickle

Tomato pickle is the perfect dish for the staple replacing the regular main course. Though it’s tangy flavour and the mixture of right spices makes it amazingly taste. but never forget, it’s the pepper that pulls to perfection and we add more seasoning of mom’s love. you would never back off.

Red tomato chutney traditionally made with ripe tomatoes, tamarind, red and green chillies, curry leaves. Along with essential flavours of garlic, ginger to make it truly spicy. tomato chutney or tomato pickle or tomato pachadi, which is enclosed in a pickledabba

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 Goes well with :

This goes best with parathas, roti, rice.
The first of all, it’s a delight to have such a pickle on your staple.
Furthermore, you would never back off the taste and spiciness of tomato.
consequently, We provide you with this epic taste at your doorstep at a reasonable price.
especially, For homemade and mom-made, pickledabba is one stoppage to steal the fragrance of pickle.
consequently, pickledabba aim is to remind your homemade food right your place.


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