Lemon pickle(500gms)

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Lemon, the citrus fruit, and the pickle is the chat-pata for any meal and temptingly tangy in nature.
We handcraft carefully which doesn’t change the home-made essence.

pickledabba provides you with this epic taste at your doorstep at a reasonable price.

“This pickle can be stored for a year if proper care is taken”


Lemon Pickle :

Lemon pickle is a south Indian recipe made with lemons cut into pieces and mixed with red chilli powder, salt, and fenugreek-mustard powder; All the ingredients are combined together and stored in an airtight container. Authentic Lemon Pickle is one spicy tangy pickle that is usually served with curd rice in south India. A pickle lover would have this, which is enclosed in a pickledabba.

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 Goes well with :

This goes best with parathas, roti, rice.
The first of all, it’s a delight to have such a pickle on your staple.
Furthermore, you would never back off the taste and spiciness of lemon.
We provide you with this epic taste at your doorstep at a reasonable price.
especially, For homemade and mom-made, pickledabba is one stoppage to steal the fragrance of pickle.
consequently, pickledabba aim is to remind your homemade food right your place.



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