Carrot Pickle(500gms)

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carrot pickle, the sliced slimy pieces and the garnished spices we use is the best of our kind and the rarest of pickles quite less famous and the flavour of love we added, will never downheart your choice.

pickle dabba aim is to remind your homemade food right your place.



Carrot pickle :

Carrot, among others, has vitamin A, carrot pickle is so tasty as sliced. It helps maintain good eye vision and health. Water is also present in plenty of carrots. It should act as a natural laxative. The carrot chutney recipe is straightforward, with few ingredients. These facts should compel you further to find out how to make carrot chutney and add it your list of favourite side dishes, which is enclosed in a pickledabba.

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 Goes well with :

This goes best with parathas, roti, rice.
The first of all, it’s a delight to have such a pickle on your staple.
Furthermore, you would never back off the taste and spiciness of carrot .
We provide you with this epic taste at your doorstep at a reasonable price.
especially, For homemade and mom-made, pickledabba is one stoppage to steal the fragrance of pickle.
consequently, pickledabba aim is to remind your homemade food right your place.



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