Pickledabba :

Pickledabba has a Crew of 2, Balakrishna prathapani and SaiGanesh tanneru started off with a small idea of letting housewives work from home. A franchise that not only helps you find the most authentic taste of Indian pickles but also gives the makers lead their life much better. we provide you with the freshly pickled Indian recipes from different mothers of our company with no added preservatives. Extra delicious mom’s love and ships directly to your table to make you remind your home-made food. Buy our You have wide range of South Indian pickles like Mango Pickle i.e. Aavakaya,Sweet Mango Pickle, Raw Mango Pickle,Mango Thokku Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Dabba Kaya, Tomato Pickle, Amla Pickle, Amla Thokku Pickle. Cucumber Pickle i.e. Dosavakaya. Goungura Pickle i.e. Sorrel Leaves Pickle. Tamarind pickle, Red chilli Pickle i.e Pandu Mirapakaya Pickle.


The cultural diversity of India indeed accounts for a vast range of foods and tastes. yet, pickles are what fit in with almost everything on your plate. PICKLEDABBA restores the disappearing traditional Indian flavours and completes your everyday household meal. We provide you with a fairly huge variety of flavours right from sweet and tangy to spicy. Authenticity and quality are ensured as our product is handmade and not industrially prepared. It comes from the hands of housewives, who wished to get some credit and recognition for the magic in their hands. There are more women coming up to be a part of the manufacturing of PICKLEDABBA. Instead of harmful preservatives, The traditional and natural methods used for preparation provide our pickle with the true mouthwatering taste.

It is A perfect combination of High-quality ingredients, prepared in completely hygienic conditions. Today when fast foods have become so common for everyone. We aim at bringing you the homely taste and providing you with a pleasure much like the one you feel with the touch of your mother’s hands. You can’t resist admiring the satisfying taste once you experience it. Add on the delicacy of PICKLEDABBA to your meal and give a treat to your taste buds. The Indian food menu or Indian cuisine always does involve Indian culture and we make sure it goes on and on with pickledabba on every table.